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In my experience, the following accessories make terrific add-ons to any self-pleasuring session, no matter how experiences or inexperienced you happen to be. Believe it or not, there are a few lubricants on the market that provide a cool, tingling sensation with varying degrees of intensity. In fact, Lelo luxury adult toymaker has made male prostate massagers a prominent part of its global market. Perhaps have a few candles or some low lighting. Balls Those balls of yours, in case you haven't noticed, can play host to a wide variety of sensations. Before you go all balls to the wall into this whole masturbation methodology thing, you need to know a few basics first. And there was a part of me that enjoying his reaction as he watched me pleasure myself.

gay masterbation techniques
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Menthol rubs Those most vanilla among you will probably not dig this one, but I love to use a little Tiger Balm on my balls.

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Because let's be real, everyone is different and has their own preferences, which means there are a lot of questions out there. From gently caressing the outside to firmly slapping them, to just grabbing those balls and pulling, you can do plenty of naughty things to your family jewels. Curiosity was natural and encouraged. After all, a slight variation in temperatures can make all the difference sometimes.

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This is how you will discover things you never knew you liked.

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