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Projects Browse Projects Current Archive. Genetic clue to male homosexuality emerges. To participate please follow this link: Data collection for this study is complete but analysis of quantitative and qualitative data is ongoing and several manuscripts are published currently in production. You can watch a video about the study at https:

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This is the first DNA difference ever linked to female sexual orientation, says Lisa Diamond, a psychologist at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City who studies the nature and development of same-sex sexuality.

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DNA differences are linked to having same-sex sexual partners

We look forward to hearing from you. Data collection was completed for the original Gay Couples Study in February Here is the study link: My name is M. Published in Sexual Health The first follow-up survey T2 occurred one year after Baseline.

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If you are a researcher looking to be posted on this website, please contact lbgtrc msu. Previous research shows that gay and bisexual men in relationships engage in substantially higher rates of unprotected anal intercourse UAI with their primary partners than do single men with their casual partners. If you would like additional information concerning this study before or after it is completed, please feel free to contact us anytime at laudette my. Instead, the researchers found genetic variants known as single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs, located on four other chromosomes. Estimating antiretroviral treatment coverage rates and viral suppression rates for homosexual men in Australia. Please contact me to set up an appointment for an interview if you are: Using a larger pool of participants, various research questions within the quantitative survey were explored in greater detail.

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