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Retrieved 19 May Talking Point. Mass exodus. All those involved came from the lower classes: The Toltecs, elsewhere, were extremely tolerant of homosexuality. President Anastasio Bustamantefor example, used to have "young gentlemen" or "favorites" as hostesses, private secretaries, who lived and traveled with him for long periods. It has given them instructions to sacrifice their fellow men, to extract their hearts and to offer the hearts, as well as the blood taken from the tongue, the ears, the legs and the arms, all to the idols".

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Garcia attributed the cases of sodomy to the fact that the "miserable Indians act like that because the Devil has tricked them, making them believe that the gods they worship also practice sodomy and therefore they consider it a good and lawful custom".

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No vehicle is assigned a number plate with 41, and no police officer will accept a badge with that number. Archived from the original on 6 January Hidden categories:

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Letter From America.

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