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Airlines refused to fly Hudson back to Los Angeles from Paris after his diagnosis became public. Some felt that he should have disclosed his condition to her beforehand. His body was cremated hours after his death [35] and a cenotaph was later established at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Cathedral City, California. Home Current Catalogs Blog. Hudson played police commissioner Stewart "Mac" McMillan, with Saint James as his wife Sally, and their on-screen chemistry helped make the show a hit.

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Strange Bedfellowswith Lollobrigida, was a box office disappointment.

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Rock Hudson

He remained an audience favorite for several more years despite undistinguished movies. Hudson, Rock; Davidson, Sara But Hudson struggled to maintain long-term relationships as partners became tired of keeping their romance a secret. After Hudson collapsed in his room at the Ritz Hotel in Paris on July 21, his publicist, Dale Olsonreleased a statement claiming that Hudson had inoperable liver cancer. Hudson was the first major Hollywood casualty of the plague. Emergency quintuple heart bypass surgery sidelined Hudson and his new TV show The Devlin Connection for a year, and the show was canceled in December soon after it had first aired. Hudson was voted the most popular star in the country forand would be the second most popular for the next three years.

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Courtesy of the author. Directed by Douglas Sirk Shown: Henry Willson was one of the quintessential power brokers in Hollywood during the late s and s when he launched the careers of Rock Hudson, Lana Turner, Tab Hunter, Natalie Wood, and many others. His first film at Universal was Undertowwhich gave him his first screen credit. Not only was same-sex marriage not recognized under the laws of any American state at the time, but, at least publicly, Hudson and Nabors were nothing more than friends.

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