Transgender depo provera

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There are many ethical issues to address in the care of the adolescent transgender patient, and the care of this patient population should be left to specialists who are well versed in this type of care. This fourth criterion can sometimes be the most challenging to interpret. Side effects of estrogens may include migraines, mood swings, hot flashes, and weight gain. Hormone dosing should begin low and advance slowly, monitoring for worsening symptoms, and in collaboration with any specialists who may be managing the autoimmune condition. Reproductive endocrinology, infertility, and contraception. Would testosterone stop the growth re-vert it, since testosterone does cause fat distribution and breast tissue breakdown? Antiandrogens that directly block the androgen receptor are known as androgen receptor antagonists or blockers, while antiandrogens that inhibit the enzymatic biosynthesis of androgens are known as androgen synthesis inhibitors and antiandrogens that suppress androgen production in the gonads are known as antigonadotropins.

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Prior to orchiectomy surgical removal of the gonads or sex reassignment surgerythe doses of estrogens used in transgender women are often higher than replacement doses used in cisgender women.

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Transgender hormone therapy (male-to-female)

I am currently on Depo Provera Shots. Injected testosterone esters should be started at a low dose and titrated upwards based on trough levels blood levels drawn just before your next shot. A significant majority of craniofacial changes occur during adolescence. Endocrine procedures Gender transitioning Trans women Transgender and medicine. The main effects of hormone therapy in transgender women are feminization and demasculinizationand are as follows:. Guidelines exist to help providers choose appropriate candidates for hormone therapy, and act as a framework for choosing treatment regimens and managing surveillance in these patients. He took it well and was supportive, the whole thing was pretty awkward though.

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Depo knocked them through the floor. I hope it continues to go well for you Camie and your son. Using the male-range upper limit of normal for alkaline phosphatase and creatinine may also be appropriate for transgender women due to retained bone and muscle mass or myocyte counts, respectively. Please stay in touch as there is a good group of NB here. In these cases, and most adolescent cases, it is important to have a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment and management, and parental support is imperative. Estimation of prevalence of transgenderism has historically been challenging. Hinyokika Kiyo in Japanese.

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