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When that came to an end the BBC gave them carte blanche. Brambell had been briefly married in the s but had few close friends or relatives, and when he was cremated in after dying of cancer at the age of 72, only a handful of people turned out for his funeral. In an attempt to take advantage of this situation, they undertook a tour of Australia in with a Steptoe and Son stage show: Brambell, fearful of fans' reactions in a less permissive time, worked hard to keep his sexuality a secret. When Steptoe finished inCorbett loathed Brambell.

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Home News Sport Business. But in the early s a rot seems to have set in Harry's mind, that was two-parts boredom with the formula of Steptoe to four-parts frustration with working with a dysfunctional drunk. His professional fate was inextricably tied to the wild, secretive and unpredictable Brambell. Throughout the series, they bicker and berate one another.

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It was inon a stage tour of Australia, that Corbett and Brambell's professional partnership finally fell apart.

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