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This could have been his way to make other people outsiders when it comes to language, as he had been in his younger years. This could be because Junot Diaz wanted to be able to reach a broader audience, including both English and Spanish readers, but I also believe it is because he did not want to exclude a part of his self identity. This exemplifies the gender roles are very stereotypical and represent the gentle caring feminine qualities a good mother should poses and the dominating characteristics that a man must possess in order to wear the pants in a family. The show that Yunior puts on in this story is not only for the benefit of the browngirls, blackgirls, whitegirls, or halfies in the story. When you analyze it, anyone who grew up with a childhood like theirs would have a very good change of acting violently also. If the girl s from the Terrace stack the boxes behind the milk.

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In a way, Rafa takes on a fatherly role for Yunior.

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Junot Díaz and the Decolonial Imagination

The relationship between the narrator, Yunior, and his brother, Rafa, was definitely an interesting one — I found it hard to believe that Rafa was only 12 years old but was already very sexually active, so active that his 9-year-old brother was aware of it. Amy, as you stated some of the cases in regards to marriage can be very sad. As in many of the other readings we have done, the violence seems to be a learned characteristic from their family lifestyle, especially from the father figure. His gay experience with his friend must have further complicated his own concept of sexuality. Remember me on this computer.

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April 10, at 1: Being a young Dominican woman myself i can really relate to the struggles that are introduced. I think your analysis is correct, these boys are frightened that their masculinity could be lost or taken away if they demonstrate compassion or sympathy. While he is scorned and beaten, he is also the object of curiosity. Only when Yunior seems to be supporting her later on does she stop being such a strong character. His original thought in coming to the states was so that he could bring his family over, but he put this on hold until it was beneficial to him. I had no idea, which I suppose is the desired effect.

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